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I'm Dr. Todd Goldman and have been a chiropractor since 1995. I graduated Life University in Marietta, GA and started a practice in Medford, New York where I have been in private practice since. The reason I became a chiropractor is, since I was very young I would get adjusted by my father when ever we had pain and I thought this was the norm for everyone.

When it was time to think about a career I applied and got into to a number of medical schools but before I commited to that, I was interested in seeing how my father treated patients. I spent a few days with my father and realized how great it was to help people with your hands, no drugs and no surgery. I applied and was accepted to chiropractic school and was one of the youngest student's in the class. At our office we do not take a cookie cutter approach to your health, everyone is treated as an individual.

On the patient's first visit we will take a detailed history and examination. The exam will consist of orthopedic and neurological tests and at times x-rays (we only take x-rays when necessary). If we feel the patient has a problem we can help with, we will get them relief as quickly as possible and will not continue to treat the patient if there has been no relief in a acceptable amount of time. I am certified in many types of chiropractic treatment which increases the likelyhood we will be able to help you with your condition. In our office we have spinal decompression, hydromassage therapy, cold laser therapy, physical therapy, trigger point therapy and orthopedic surgery which is all covered by insurance. We have a close relationship with many specialists such as neurosurgeons, neurologists, pain management and podiatrists.

We treat many people for some of the following problems:
Carpal Tunnel
Neck and Low Back Pain
Numbness in the hands and feet
Disc herniation's
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We take most insurance plans and offer a maintenance plan which is $250 for 3 months and includes unlimited chiropractic maintenance visits.

Dr. Todd Goldman

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